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courtney mcdonald


Classical Ballet & Contemporary

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Courtney began dancing at age 6 here in Newcastle, under Tessa Maunder OAM and Lesley Cameron (ARAD​ ​Ballet​ ​Marseilles​) training in Classical ballet and National Character along with contemporary and jazz styles. Courtney has completed training in RAD Ballet, Primary to Advanced 2 with Distinctions and the ​Khorobushka​ ​Character​ ​Syllabus​ ​Swedish​ ​to​ ​Russian​ ​with​ ​Honours​ ​and​ ​Distinctions. After winning a Grade 1 Ballet Scholarship she took on solo eisteddfod work and continued to gain experience on many stages through groups and solos and achieved numerous success at Sydney Eisteddfod, Taree Eisteddfod and many other competitions. In 2013 Courtney completed her HSC where she was nominated and selected to perform her Major Study in Sydney for Callback. While at school she took a Dance trip to NY and LA taking classes at Alvin Ailey and other well known places. After a year of full-time with Clair McHugh (​Arizona​ ​Ballet​ ​USA​) Courtney was accepted into the New Zealand School of Dance for 2 years to study the Certificate in Dance Performance and was then invited back to complete the 3rd Diploma year. During her time at the school Courtney had the opportunity to learn many techniques and repertoire as well as strength and conditioning from many different dance tutors in both classical and contemporary such as Qi Huan (RNZB), David Peden (Former senior soloist Royal Ballet), Henning​ ​Albrechtsen​ ​(Former​ ​Deputy​ ​Director​ ​Royal​ ​Danish Ballet)​, Francesco​ ​Ventriglia (La Scala Ballet Theatre), Jarek​ ​Cemerek and James O'Hara. In the middle of her 3rd year at he School Courtney was offered a professional​ ​secondment​ ​with​ ​the​ ​Royal​ ​New​ ​Zealand​ ​Ballet​ ​for​ ​Romeo​ ​and Juliet.

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