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Classical Ballet:

Classical Ballet is the foundation for all styles of dance and is recommended that all students have training in classical ballet to further improve their posture, leg line and foot strength. Students progress through the grades from pre-primary to Solo Seal. Examinations are available at all grades to capable students. It is compulsory that students wanting to do exams participate in 2 classical classes per week in the RAD.



Contemporary is a beautiful form of dance that really allows the students to express themselves through their movements. Contemporary offers a wide range of styles all blended into one, with the base for the movements being based around ballet techniques. 


Offers the latest styles of dancing and music creating fun classes great for students’ fitness and flexibility. Jazz is our most popular class.

Hip Hop:

Students learn to the many aspects of hip hop dancing from ‘crumping’ and ‘popping’ to break dancing and other tricks. 


Students will learn how to conduct moves safely and correctly through guided practice with an industry professional.

Musical theatre:

Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines song, spoken dialogue, acting and dance. 

Strength and stretch:

This class is designed to improve student's flexibility and core strength which is necessary for all competition dancers.


Tap dancing focuses on rhythm and musicality. Tappers can will create a variety of percussive rhythms by tapping, sliding and clicking the metal plates.

PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique):

PBT is an innovative program for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in order to perfect the correct technique.

Competition and performance teams:

Our performance teams/eisteddfod groups are aimed at those students that wish to compete and take their dancing to the next level! Styles include Classical Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical and Hip Hop.