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Our performance teams/eisteddfod groups are aimed at those students that wish to compete and take their dancing to the next level! At Ablaze Dance Academy, we love our performance teams, as we believe it provides students with wonderful team experiences and performance opportunities. We pride ourselves on training our students in a way that they are able to give their best and most professional performances on the day. The groups are based on the age you are turning in the current year. Competition class is in addition to your weekly classes.

In 2020, we will be having competition groups in Classical Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical and Hip Hop. In order to gain entry into our Classical Ballet and Contemporary/Lyrical groups, a minimum of two ballet classes per week is required. For our Jazz groups, a minimum of one ballet class per week is required. For Hip Hop, there is no classical ballet required.

If you wish to participate in performance teams, a Competition Group Placement Day will be held in January, before classes commence. Please note, most of the competitions are held in school holidays. A list will be emailed as soon as the dates have been confirmed. Separate competition classes are held each week on a Saturday, to ensure appropriate training, and some extra compulsory rehearsals will be called closer to each competition date.

Competition groups are a year-long commitment and most competitions are held in school holidays and weekends, so you MUST be available to perform at these times. To perform at a high level requires commitment from each team member so we are not able to accommodate last minute changes if a child decides they have another commitment they would like to attend. This also applies to weekly class training. Exceptional circumstances will only be considered after a discussion with the appropriate class teacher. Children who routinely miss weekly training without due reason will be asked to reconsider their place on the team.

As it is a year-long commitment and we have other team members and teaching staff to consider, fees are payable for the whole year. If a child withdraws from a troupe part way through the year they will still be liable for the fees for the remainder of the year.

Please be aware that with our Competition Groups comes the design and creation of specially made costumes. It is the responsibility of the parents to pay for these once the invoice has been distributed. Please understand that these costumes may be recalled at any time. Group costumes are NOT to be used for solos or any other performances/photo shoots unless given permission by teachers.

Below is a snippet of our 2022 Open Age Jazz Group performing at the Sydney Opera House, where they received 1st Place in the prestigious Sydney Eisteddfod Open Jazz Finals.


Competition group fees are based on a 40 week year.

The purchase or hire of costumes is required.


You agree to be part of a team, and therefore commit to all rehearsals and performances, as well as extra scheduled

rehearsals to ensure the team can perform at their best.


Purchase of the Ablaze Tracksuit is compulsory and must be worn to all competitions.

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